How was the project born and why in this region?

The idea for Karmapfad has its origins in the project „Roof of the World,“ which I implemented with a group of Nepalese and international friends after Nepal´s earthquake in 2015. During this project, we were able to generate 1100 € by offering charity yoga classes to repair the broken roofs of the houses around Karmapfad´s region. The project was realized with reliability and trust, and finally the villagers had again a roof over their heads.

The contacts made and the experiences gained during the implementation of “Roof of the World,”  gave us the incentive to visit the entire Kavre region. During our visit to Nangre, as we got to know the local population , we realized  that they had received almost no help from the government to rebuild their homes. Many buildings were still destroyed, including the local school.

I work according to the motto: „Be the change you want to see in this world.“

During the time when I was living in Nepal, I gained many contacts. In 2018, once the project „Roof of the World“ had been entirely completed, I decided to publish a children’s yoga book, whose proceeds were to directly support Nepal. With this in mind, I planned a trip to Nepal in order to do some fieldwork and locate the exact area which needed support. The result was our new heart project – Karmapfad.


The most relevant facts about the buildings:

Location: Nangre Gagarche, VDC Kavre, Nepal

School grounds in 2018: 4 buildings, one of them completely destroyed; three others are very damaged; 1 toilet deeply damaged, and a schoolyard.

Overview: School Building One is demolished; School building Two is deeply damaged, School Buildings Three and Four are brittle; the toilet is highly fragile (the toilets are provisional).

Our goal is to travel to Nepal in 2019/2020 and rebuild the school with energetic, helpful people (see organization) in cooperation with Tamang residents of the Kavre region.

If you would like to become a part of Karmapfad, please contact us at any time via: mail@karmapfad.com

We look forward to your support and we are thankful for any help or donations!

Mandy Kertz

Founder of Karmapfad