Mandy Kertz

For me, success means bringing all of my visions to life and making them visible for others. Freedom is one of the biggest matters in my life since it is essential for every human being. I like to imagine freedom like the wings of a bird. For a bird´s flight, they are both essential, since if one of them is missing, the other can get no boost.

I am at home everywhere and I carry everything in my heart. I also want to give freedom to everyone I reach – whether in body, mind, or through other channels.  I do not follow anyone and I do not follow any trends. I am genuine, authentic and I prefer to leave my own footprints in the sand.

I pursue my goals with purpose and determination. I am fearless and disciplined. My heart is big; my ideas are diverse and varied. I am very creative, and there is only one way for me to live  – through bringing creativity to the outside world. The present website, my children’s yoga book and Karmapfad project are my first footprints in the sand.

I give my visions and projects space and time to develop on the inside before I start implementing them in the world. Like life itself, projects are multi-layered processes. I wish to use Karmapfad to make the ethical parameters that I carry inside my heart visible to others. Like a journey that begins from the inside out, and step-by-step reaches the world. I listen to my heart, I work out what I really need, and I want to realize with my project  a good model for the future generations. For me this is the real, live sustainability in its essence.

„Happiness, peace, freedom, joy, five fingers, five senses, life.“

These words describe me, my character, and my two heart projects, Karmapfad and Mandalay Yoga quite well. That’s why I’m here.

Yoga gave me a good feeling for my body and a carefree life without back pain. This was the first time I experienced what it means to feel free in body and mind. For me, yoga means combining both, as a bridge crossing both sides of a river. Yoga has been probably the biggest change in my life and today is my most faithful companion.

Yoga and travel are the best life teachers, however the greatest teachers are and will always be radical living conditions. I like to travel the beautiful earth, and everywhere I leave small seeds for helpful projects along my way. With time and patience they will eventually become trees of life.

Keeping myself constantly inspired and inspiring others, is what most completes my soul. To immerse her in the temple of life where infinite vastness and beauty wait for her and let her live balanced and free: this is my true goal. Life is Balance and I want to live my Balance.


Our blue planet has already offered me many revelations while traveling. I have plunged new environments and cultures deeply into the temple of my soul. I experience the world face to face, while helping  my fellow human beings to wake up, and inspire them to emerge from their comfort zones. Everything is possible if you want it!