The Organization Team „School rebuilding Nepal“

Ahmed: #ilovelife #education is the new cool #everything is beautiful #humanschoolofnature #oneworld #keep smiling #manpower #earthism #awakeningthespirit

*geboren 1987 in Australien

Task to Karmapfad: is an elementary school teacher with that certain something. He is responsible for the structure of the classes and their later division. Ahmed will lovingly take care of the food, also because of his interest in fermentation techniques, and the kimchi feed also falls within his sphere of activity. The most important thing for Ahmed is his sound education, which he gained during his teaching degree. In addition, he acquired extensive experience in natural house building, and he can provide much knowledge to this field.

Tasks at Karmapfad: School-building helper, travel-experienced, –Nepal- lover tour guide, responsible for classrooms divisions,  natural house building, kitchen, workshops on fermentation.

Ahmed’s Wish: To wake up the full potential of people so that they consciously perceive their actions.

Ahmed´s Hobbies: permaculture, yoga, hiking, fermentation, natural living, self-catering, sustainability.

Ahmed´s Passions: education, clever design, fermentation, consciousness, sciences, life in the community.

Life motto: Never stop learning.

Amal: #head of village and school #chief of a little bit english #Nepal bus trip lover #too fast and furious in the mountains #not heavy #don’t need water #no problem

*born in 1992 in Nepal

Task to Karmapfad: Amal is a young villager from Nangre and a teacher. He  has  contacts in and outside the borders of Nepal. He knows his birth places like his own back pocket. Amal is an important project networker, and he is responsible of the realization of the school.  He will answer to all the questions about materials, environmental impact,  social aspects,   and everything that goes along with the project . Despite his minimal knowledge of English, we always manage to clarify  all questions and learn from each other.

Tasks at Karmapfad: Cultural mediation to villagers and local guide for the area and its surroundings, School Project Officer,  connection between students, teachers, and residents, building and repairing things (All these things are very important for Karmapfad).

Amal´s wish: Amal wishes to  become a good man;  he would like to leave Nepal some day and collect impressions outside its borders.

Hobbies: traveling, walking, talking on the wayside, helping the poorest, hiking, singing, being happy.

Amal´s Passions: the answer to this question still needs to be found.

Life motto: Help everyone, especially those who need your help the most.

Bhupin: #organic lover #good stuff creator #greenhouse builder #urban gardening #education is the new cool #stay true – be you #this planet needs clear minds

* born 1998 in Nepal

Task to Karmapfad: Bhupin loves  gardening and living in harmony with nature. He is an earth architect and intends to build strong, safe and earthquakes-resistant buildings, using only organic building materials. The passion for this special kind of architecture inspires Bhupin-owned Company called “Clubhouse”, whereby he carries his life – a natural life – outward. Our fateful meeting on a bus trip in Nepal made possible this magical path crossing to our project. At Karmapfad, Bhupin will be involved in the construction of the school buildings and will pass on all knowledge about earth construction to the residents of the Nangre region. He is the builder of the new, natural school building, and when the school will be completed, he will also teach there some classes.

Tasks at Karmapfad: soil researcher for building solid foundations, experienced home builders, camping masters, Nepalese-style food service providers, Karmapfad Camp creators, school builder/ engineer , cultural mediator with the local population, experienced reconstruction worker.

Bhupin’s wish for life: making Nepal’s population more aware of the environment through education and knowledge; thereby  educate people about climate change and strengthen the self-confidence of each individual; Bhupin thinks ecological building materials should be used always and everywhere.

Bhupin´s Hobbies: permaculture, Nepal´s natural resources, fermentation, organic gardening, acquiring knowledge and pass it to others.

Bhupin´s Passions:  being true in everything he does; sharing consciousness,  motivating other people being conscious.

Life motto: whatever you do, DO it!

Matteo: Matteo: #philo is life #there are to many questions with less answers #sense ist sexy #sometimes life is like a one way road #we need a TUKTUK #art is why we are here #sunglasses at night #jesus

* born 1982 in Italy

Task to Karmapfad: Matteo is the translator for Karmapfad. He makes Karmapfad international and translates the website from German to English. Through the diversity of his ideas and his care  to do always what is meaningful and  good in life, Karmapfad meets exactly Matteo’s heart deep intention. We are all part of a bigger picture and he is part of this great school project. Matteo is the contributor for culture, language and exchange. His skills and experiences will meaningfully contribute to the reconstruction of the school in many ways. Maybe he will also be the reporter on the spot, when Karmapfad will be internationally established.

Tasks at Karmapfad: translator of all texts from German to English, project design Karmapfad, ideas inspirer.

Matteo ´s wish: wish for nothing and  get everything!

Matteo´s Hobbies: art, philosophy, books and everything that has to do with words , reading, going for a walk.

Matteo´s Passions : genius is buried in art and culture – whoever understands it will understand everything. I love Jesus!

Life motto: From a certain point, there is no turning back. It is important to reach this point!

Bijay: #life is a kind of experience #this is my culture # all is good #slowly monkey jumping #you know all about me #different culture teach differences #buff mom lover #nepali handicraft

*born in 1982 in Nepal

Task to Karmapfad: Bijay Moktan Lama is the permanent trust person in Nepal and spokesman for Karmapfad. He was once my Mandala teacher when I was living in Nepal, and throughout the years he has become a good friend. As a former villager of Nangre, Bijay is considered as the connection to the village and the region. Reliable people of trust are needed for large projects like ours. Thanks to him, the project „Roof of the World“ has already become a true success. He is probably one of the reasons why  we chose the Nangre region as a place of action. Having trust and a good connection is the best way to grow a great non-profit project. The foundation of the path of the project  in the name of karma had been conceived with Bijay. He is a connector, organizer, and co-designer for the reconstruction of the ruined school.

Task at Karmapfad: trust person from Nepal, connection to the village, residents, region and Kathmandu. Material organizer, project facilitator, supervisor of the whole project, spokesman for Karmapfad on-site, English-Nepali translator.

Bijay´s wish: to live life in a simple way; he would like to open a Wine Bar in Nepal one day, as a place of cultural exchange between art and music.

Bijay´s Hobbies: Tibet, Thankha Art, Mandala Art, Art in all its forms; Chillout; Buff Momo; foreign countries und cultures; to travel and always meet new people.

Bijay´s Passions: He cannot travel without his Nepalese handcrafts – so he can represent its home country and its culture every moment; respecting political and personal boundaries; I love Buff Momo.

Life motto: live practically, and always learn!

Stephan: #Photography #and so #no idea #architecture #black #just setting accents #oh keen goof #los now # football #friends #a bit of everything

*born 1982 germany

Task to Karmapfad: Stephan with (ph) is occasionally responsible for the texts of Karmapfad, however he prefers to devote himself to the Adobe Reader program and graphically design the school plan. If the architect does not deal with his favourite colour (black), he deals with building materials or embarks on a research trip. He wishes to buildd  a free and happy  new school  in Nepal, in a very creative manner and without dogmas. Karmapfad is very happy to have him on board; a further big passion of Stephan is photography – and with photography editing he will contribute to the project. Even though quick architecture allows little creativity, Karmapfad reassures Stephan to feel free and take his time.

Task  at Karmapfad: create foundation with hand and foot, material testing, construction material selection, graphic design of the school, soil structure examination, ambassador of German architectural knowledge in Nepal.

Desire of Stephan: I think about something like that, when I am asked:. jJust stay healthy and stay awake. The rest fits.

Stephan´s Hobbies: photography, architecture, watching football, watching stadiums of the world, books, music, sleeping, friends, turning hair in a circle.

Stephan´s Passion: „Passion leads one to think in circles“ (Oscar Wilde). Stephan says: „I like to believe him …“

Life motto: no goals no journey.

Martin: #slowing #in a small one we still drink #music is like a love #or a little berry maybe # you do not suspect it # always stay relaxed #no have #excited thrust without pressure.

*born in 1983 in Germany

Task to Karmapfad: Martin, alias Maddin, likes to travel through life. He  loves music more than anything else, and finds himself and his life quite pleasant as they are. Martin works for the city of Berlin:, iIf he doesn´t  dedicate himself to design Berlin´s traffic rules  or visits the endless concert halls of the city, he donates his time to Karmapfad. As an engineer and urbanist, Martin is responsible for the roads and  the connections to the  school. This aspect of the project presents many challenges. The roads in the region are rocky and dusty, and Martin can use his expertise and knowledge in the field as a wonderful addition to our team´s competences (and for  Nepal in general). Moreover, as an engineer, he can expertly contribute to  Karmapfad   in determining statics, materials and Co. In addition, Martin is responsible for the good mood, the small cool beer along the way, and the variety of music. We are very happy to have this fun-relaxed dangling karma-boat.

Tasks at Karmapfad: engineering knowledge, choosing / testing building materials on- site in Nepal, checking statics of school buildings, bringing mathematical know-how , always providing good mood and music; motivating everyone not to take themselves too seriously.

Martin’s wish for life: simply relax with your face in the sun, listen to  music, feel the ground under your feet and breathe the wild air.

Hobbies: listening to music and visiting concerts, sports, surfing and chilling (= chilling).

Passion in life: „In the end, everything will be fine. If it does not go well, it’s not the end yet. „(Oscar Wilde).

Life motto: every single minute you have the chance to change everything!

Mandy: #keep it simple #simple, do not talk #head of a good life #queen of fucking everything # you’re what you love #deep thinker #balance is life #shine bright # be light  # a mission #heartworker #go with the flow #silence is better than bullshit #keep calm, capitalism is ruling this world #one world! #be the change you want to see in this world.

* born 1981 in Germany

Task to Karmapfad: She is the freestyle creator and the head of Karmapfad, Mandy aka Mandalay is the heart of the project. As the initiator of Karmapfad and  curator of the entire spectrum of what belongs to the plan, she mentally visualizes her ideas and cares for their implementation  from the beginning to the end.

Always True to the motto „Do not talk, but do!“ Mandy lives as a freelancer and full-time yogini in Berlin, where she directs and guides her life mission not only  as a yoga teacher, but also as author and life coacher. She sees life as a process and Karmapfad as a pioneer action, with which she would like  to show companies, travellers and whoever is  looking for something meaningful , what is possible to realize and how we can re-create  harmony between man and nature with simple acts .

The interaction of mind, soul and body can create great things – if we want. Where there is a will there is a way – even if it is rocky, it is still a way. Being an organizational talent, Mandy plans and directs the school project step by step,  from the depths of the foundations in the ground to the heights of the roof, tie up in the Himalayas. Mandy has already conceived and launched numerous  social projects around the world in the past. These were almost local and served,  in a way, as  a kind of warm-up for the bigger Karmapfad project.

Karmapfad  is the first major, sustainable project, Mandy is guiding and directing  worldwide. For this reason,  she does it with a big heart but also with mindfulness and steady steps. Since she always wishes to work on behalf of light and in harmony with the cosmic laws, she is constantly worried that everything she does serves to enrich the big picture. Mandy opens with this quote the first page of her children’s yoga book and offers with Karmapfad a model for future similar projects:.

We are the future. Our actions invariably affect everything.

With her projects, Mandy wants to create consciousness: after all, we are all in the same boat. 

Tasks at Karmapfad: almost everything.

Mandy’s life wish: to bring man and nature back into harmony !!!

Hobbies: Yoga, books, literature, traveling, laughing, art, music, dancing, photography.

Passion in life: By living their passions, humans lives their true and authentic potential. Who does not pursue their passion, do not live their life. What else: I LOVE ALL TYPES OF   YOGA. I live my passion and find my expression  with writing, (here too I am only at the beginning). My other big passions are dancing, making music, painting and photography – in front and behind the camera. Unfortunately, I cannot live every passion so intensely as I do with yoga (but I do my best!).

Life motto: Do everything with love!

Urmo: #ethnovibes #I love leggings #french and english and what else #all is good and good #okay #respect #ilovemyethnie #youareoldenough #lifeisbusyforthemoment #liveandletotherlive #ufff #lotsoflove #never complain anything # #heartworker #lovetotravel

* born in 1988 in Nepal

Task to Karmapfad: Urmo is the conscientious of the group. She is the heart and the trust person for the project Karmapfad in Nepal. At the moment, Urmo is working for an International Organization of Electoral Government in Nepal, which regulates relationships between local governments. In addition, she loves cultural exchange as much as traveling and she enjoys working as a cultural guide. Urmo simply wishes to lead a meaningful and independent life, in respect of all humans: for this reason she is such a gold coin for our project. Karmapfad is a humanitarian action whose first objective is to restore schools in remote regions, where the government has not been helping. Urmo is as independent and self-confident young woman: , as a  Nepalese, she  knows a lot about the country, its people and their education system. Whenever Urmo gets the opportunity, she loves to help humanitarian projects  or create her own social initiative with friends, family, and various other people. Wonderful work gives a wonderful life.

Tasks at Karmapfad: link to villagers, teachers and various contributors ( i.e. delivery services  and so on). Translator English-Nepalese, materials management, preparation, care and supervisor for the Tamang women group  – networker, ethnological core competence,  responsible for everything bureaucratic that needs to be clarified in Nepal, spokeswoman for Karmapfad on- site.

Urmo´s wish:  to grow together and learn from each other.

Urmo´s Hobbies: travel, make friends, and help others.

Life motto: make friends and be always respectful!